Honeywell $20 LED Shop Lights, Worth the Money?

Does your workshop or workspace look like a scene from a horror movie… ya know… a dark room with one eerie light bulb in the center?

Luckily, nothing attacked me in my shop but just in case something might be lurking, I found these Honeywell 5000 Lumen 4′ LED Shop Lights at Sam’s Club for about $20 each.

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Honeywell $20 LED Shop Lights, Worth the Money?

Everyone knows that a dark workspace can make a project more difficult, but good lighting can be hard to achieve, especially on a budget. These inexpensive fixtures totally changed the lighting and made it almost too bright… keep reading to see why.

How well are they built?

The Honeywell 5000 Lumen 4′ LED Metal Shop Lights are made out of moderately weighted metal and some plastic. Are they the most luxurious lights I have ever seen?  No, but for the price, I can’t complain. I spent several hours researching Lowes, Home Depot, and Menards for the “Best Lights,” but many of the options were upwards of $50 or even $100 each!

I finally decided after reading the reviews that I would just take a shot in the dark and try them for myself. (Ha ha, did you see what I did there??) Turns out that they were totally worth it.

Honeywell LED Shop Lights
The lights give off plenty of light with only 5 fixtures in my shop.

Are they bright enough?

YEAH… With each fixture producing 5000 lumens of 5000 kelvins bright white light, I had to rearrange them in my shop. They were just TOO bright (never thought I’d ever say that!). After moving them around and spacing them farther apart, they were the perfect amount of light.

Since you can link up to ten fixtures together and each light has a 5 foot power cord, you’ll have plenty of ways to arrange the lights in your shop or workspace.

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Why they are my favorite.

Like I said before, the price is amazing. I was able to completely change my workshop lighting for about $120! They come with 3 prong outlet plugs which are awesome because they can go almost anywhere.

Another feature that wasn’t advertised with these affordable lights, was the flush-mount capability. The fixtures have screw hole slides so that they can be neatly mounted to the ceiling, or you can use the included chain mounts which depending on your need, can also come in handy.

Finally, if you’re worried about the lights prematurely dying on you, they have a 5 year warranty for your peace of mind.

So, are they worth the money?

Overall, these lights are a great bang for your buck. They are very versatile and efficient.

I only needed 5 for my shop and I appreciate that because hardwiring isn’t required, they can be just plugged in. I

highly recommend these Honeywell 5000 Lumen 4′ LED Metal Shop Lights from Sam’s Club for anyone who is looking to upgrade their lighting at an affordable price.

Let me know down in the comments below if you already snagged some of these lights or if you’re running to the store right now!

Before these lights, I was afraid of what might crawl out of the dark!



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