How to Properly Attach Pressure Treated Wood to a Concrete Floor

Ready to finish your basement and start your framing? It’s not hard, but it’s important that you properly attach pressure treated wood to the concrete floor first.

Here’s how to attach your pressure treated 2×4 to the concrete so you can get your framing started!

First drill holes for the Tapcons every 2-3 feet. The holes should be about the size of the Tapcon since the only thing catching on the 2×4 should be the head of the screw. (TIP: raise your 2×4 up with some scrap before drilling to avoid hitting the concrete and causing your drill bit to become dull… I learned the hard way 😢)

Next line up your 2×4 with your square chalk line and mark a darker line. (If you don’t have chalk lines from squaring your walls, check out my YouTube vid… I got you)

Now that you have the 2×4 in its final resting place, transfer the holes from the 2×4 to the concrete with your hammer drill. You only need to drill a 1/4 or so.

Then take away the 2×4 and finish pre drilling for the Tapcons. Remember while drilling to clear the dust by simply occasionally moving the drill bit up and down.

Clear the dirt and dust away with a broom or vac etc. (I like to use a shop vac to keep it from going into the air).

Finally replace the 2×4 in the same place using your marks and use your impact driver to drive the Tapcon into the 2×4 & concrete.

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